Sunday, April 3, 2011

MIA- Not really!

Our beautiful Labor University

I am NOT MIA. 

I am here, I promise, but I was unable to post all my workouts at the moment nor any fun posts. 

I am here tonight catching up on your posts, and writing a quick update. 

I worked out very tough at the beginning of the week. Doing the whole No more Trouble Zones DVD Monday and Wednesday. Tuesday was a gorgeous day and I had to get out. I tried to run but, really did a fast walk with some running thrown in there.  then some ab work and stretching.  I am trying to not hurt my back again. Thursday I did a combination of workouts. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were only walking points no Grand Slams. (even though I generally walk pretty fast it wasn´t my exercise walk.) 

Sunday, was pretty much my day off. I had some sweets and loved them! jeje

Back to my Grand Slams tomorrow. 

We have the keys to our new building. We will be signing the contract this week! It is a bit overwhelming, and it will be a lot of work here in the beginning. Please pray for us as we endevor to serve the Lord with our labors. This building not only will be our church building, but also a place of outreach into the community. We will be offering English classes, Strength fitness training, and of course Bible Studies! The project is called "Be Strong" from the verse, "Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might."

My hubby´s  new business card

Keep on Ladies, next week will hold all new bonuses. (I think) 

Springing too!
Dani Joy
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