Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Alice's final post Spring challenge

Here is a screenshot of my spreadsheet with the measurements over the course of this challenge. Remember you can click on the picture to make it larger and be able to read it easier. The weight is in pounds and the measurements are in centimeters.

It is slightly discouraging to realize that I am basically just back to where I was at the end of the fall challenge. Those 5 1/2 lbs that I lost over this challenge were all put on between Christmas and mid February. I have 4 more pounds to go to reach my goal, which is to be at 129 lbs. (where I was last summer) by the time I start furlough on June 28th. I want to start furlough out at my lowest possible weight since I know how easy it is to gain while in the States. I will miss the interaction and accountability of the blog but I will be continuing to work out (or I will never get the last 4 lbs off).

The most encouraging thing for me, besides being in the lead in the points (that was a big deal for me to be ahead of Dani this challenge) was that I did almost 69 hours of exercise over the course of the last 10 weeks! That is a HUGE deal for this diehard couch potato.

As the far as the points go, here is my breakdown on my 603 points:
25 pts for 5 pounds lost
18 pts for 18.5 cm lost
206 pts for 68.6 hours of exercise
41 pts for regular blog posts
313 pts of bonus points throughout the challenge which included 16 days of getting the bonus for drinking my water.

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