Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sarah D Final Post

Ladies, This has been quite the journey for me! And a good one, too. At the beginning I just thought I would participate and even make a few changes in my diet - smaller portions, etc - but nothing drastic. And then I decided a week or so into this challenge that if I was going to see any results at all I was going to have to do something major, so I cut out desserts. I'll be honest - it was hard! I never thought I could do it, but I did! I hope that I can stick with it because I am sure that changing my diet is the only way that I will continue to lose weight. I can't do it with exercise alone, and I still would like to lose about 30 pounds more!

So, here is my final tally:

11 pounds lost (starting 210, ending 199)

Bust - 39 to 36.5 - 2.5 inches lost
Chest - 33 to 31 - 2 inches lost
Waist - 35 to 31 - 4 inches lost
Hips - 46 to 44 - 2 inches lost
Right thigh - 28 to 25 - 3 inches lost
Left thigh - 28 to 25.5 - 2.5 inches lost
Right arm - 14 to 13 - 1 inch lost
Left arm - 14 to 13 - 1 inch lost
For a grand total of 18 inches lost!

And... pictures...

First the before...

And then the after...

I'm not sure how much of a difference you can really tell, but I know that where before I was a definite size 16, now I am wearing my "smaller" 16s and even some size 14 pants! So that is good. I hope to continue with the weight loss and definitely will participate in the next challenge, Dani Joy! Thanks for the great opportunity here. I really have enjoyed the blog and the "companionship" of the other ladies. Thanks to everyone who participated! Blessings!
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