Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Checking In

I'm really excited that we still get to count our 7th inning stretch on Wednesday, because I FINALLY lost my first pound this challenge. I had been down a little lower a couple of other weigh-ins this week, but I don't ever count it until I can see it consistently for a few days. I was beginning to think I was going to be permanently stuck in place.

I only got 2 days in with 40 minutes straight of continuous aerobic exercise, but I also did walking on 3 other days. So I got 1 hour each time, but didn't count for the extra points. I ended up with 2 days of no exercise, on one day my plans for the whole day were changed, and I ended up having to miss. Sunday I had a migraine, but thankfully it was my regular rest day already, so I took a nap without feeling guilty.

Even though I am far from being a winner this challenge, I still feel like a winner, because I am getting stronger and more fit.

* Here is a cute little story from today. Andrew, our 11 year old, and Melissa, our 7 year old, were having a conversation. Andrew said, "Someday you might end up and be a 200 pound grandma." He was trying to tease his sister. Melissa said, "I will not, because I will exercise every day, even when I'm a grandma." I thought that was cute, and hopefully, our little girl is catching a habit for life. She enjoys exercising with me now, and it sounds like something she is planning to continue.
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