Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Antojos! Cravings Within Reason.

Antojos are understood as cravings here in Spain. They are very special and for special occations. The majority of Spaniards are not overweight and only splurge within reason. (of course this is something I have notice as a whole)

You all have written on occation that you have succomed to your cravings. I think that if you do so, and do it in moderation this helps us get through on our fitness journey for life. It is the discipline though to say this is just a one time splurge or my "free day".

This past week, I craved a lot of coffee, chocolate and gummy candy (very popular here) I have to admit one day I actually made myself sick on some candy. Uhhhgg. But that did me in for a long time. I don´t have to have it anymore. I can go light and not guzzle the whole thing in one sitting. With the Lord´s strength, I don´t look to the food to fulfill me anymore. As I am reading in the Made to Crave devotional, It is a heart issue. These devotionals really give a great perspecitive on all areas of our lives.

Well, my seventh inning stretch praise is I lost a pound and 2.5 inches. I hadn´t measured in a few weeks so it has been slow in coming off. I am just so excited to be just about at my pre furlough weight too! One more pound! Then maintain my fitness journey for Life with God´s strength.

Springing with ya,

Dani Joy
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