Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dealing with stress

Things have been pretty stressful around our house for the last two days. My husband's mother is in the hospital and things seemed really serious the way it was being described to us. We have been on the phone a lot with family members trying to keep up with Mom's condition and the word from the doctors. We have also been watching God work as only He can do to possibly supply a flight for my husband to go be with his Mom and Dad. Things are not 100% set just yet but it is looking hopeful.

Ever notice how we reach for certain "comfort" foods when under stressful situations? I noticed that my husband felt the need to raid his stash of Payday bars and also noshed on a few other things he would not normally be eating as he has been doing very well at watching his eating lately. I did OK yesterday but this evening I was having some major cravings and wanted to just go in the kitchen and graze on everything and anything ...especially the sweet stuff, or maybe the salty stuff, or maybe both. I called Tim (he was at the store) on his cell and told him I was going to go for a run to try to deal with the cravings and get my workout in. I drank lots of water and worked out for an hour and it did help me to deal with everything. The stress was still there when I got home and the temptations are still calling me, but I feel like I made the right choice and I hope I will be rewarded in tomorrow's weigh-in. Even so, I am glad to see i made the right choice .... one I never would have dreamed I would do just a couple of years ago.
I know I am moving in the right direction.
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