Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fit for Life

Hi Ladies,
It has been sooo much fun and encouraging to have been able to participate on Dani's fitness blog. Even though I haven't been keeping up with all of the competition, I have been encouraged to keep on exercising and eating right.
I haven't been writing for a couple of weeks because of Easter and also because we are moving the rest of our things out of the storage room and it is like moving all over again and with all of the mess:(
During Easter vacation we went up to Gijon where my husband's family lives for a visit. The most exciting thing was visiting Dani and Jose and three boys and being in their Wed. night service.:) The next morning we were able to see their new location for their church. What a blessing to see their vision and heart for the Gijoneses. We will be praying for them as they start out on this new adventure and journey for the Lord.
My journey of eating right and exercising I guess started when I was 28 years old and I was diagnosed with endometriosis. Actually I think it started when I was a child and growing up. My mother cooked homemade meals and when we went to Uruguay, we could only get natural foods and had to make everything from scratch. This is probably a good tip for all of us mothers to keep encouraging our kids to eat right. But I tended to get slack on fitness and health after I got married and had a couple of children and we got busy with the work here in Spain.
I remember when my parents left Spain and they left me a bunch of books. I picked one up and read it about Fit for Life. I decided to to do the basics of what this couple was presenting as a new way of eating. It was just eating fruit and sugar on an empty stomach and not mixing your carbs and protein. So whenever I ate protein, I ate it with veggies and salad and I did the same whenever I ate carbs. My husband couldn't believe that I lost weight and seemingly didn't go hungry at any time, so he decided to try it. He lost 9 kilos in a month and a half. We are no longer on that kind of a diet, but I still use a lot of their recipes. Whenever I want to feel better I don't mix carbs and proteins. I feel so much lighter after a meal. I know that there is soo much out there today. I also have found that smaller portions and eating several times a day help a lot.
Getting fit for life is getting into good habits. Breaking bad habits take time and effort. My experience over the years is to keep exercising and eating healthy for several years, and soon it becomes a habit.
Now that I have reached 50 and I am still in menopause, I have to really try harder to stay fit and eat healthy. When you are in menopause, the only thing you want to do is the opposite of what you should do. I feel like sitting down and doing no exercise most of the time, so I have to do just the opposite. I feel like eating junk food all the time, so I have to do just the opposite and so on. It is a fight to do what is right!:)
Dani's blog has helped my to get back into the exercise and healthy eating mode which I had left by the wayside about a year ago. I have lost a whole size and am now back into my comfortable size 8. I would like to get down maybe to a size 6 but don't know if my face can handle it. Ha, Ha!
Believe it or not I started to do Jillian's DVD of ripped in 30. I just about died the first three days, but I managed to get through the week and week 2 is not so hard.:) Yah! Soo if you hear I had a heart attack, you will know why. Just kidding!
Here are my measurements for the end of the 10 weeks:
weight: 61 kilos
waist: 23 in.
hips: 29 in.
r and l thighs: 16 in.
r and l arms: 8 in
chest: 23 in.
breast: 26 in.
Thanks for all of the comments and I have really enjoyed reading all of your testimonies. May the Lord keep each one of you and bless you until we meet again on the blog.
Praying and keeping fit,
Sharla G.
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