Monday, April 25, 2011

Jelly Bean Season is Officially Over

Jelly Bean Season begins the day after Valentine's Day and lasts until Easter Sunday. This year, jelly bean season was about the longest it could be as Easter was the last Sunday in April. Over the years, bags of Jelly Beans have gotten smaller (16 oz. down to 10 oz.) but the price hasn't really dropped. I supposed the smaller quantity is a good thing. There was a time in my life (I am 56, so this was probably 30 years ago) when I would stock up on bags and bags of Brach's Jelly Beans, because they are the tastiest of the affordable ones. I could polish off a whole bag every night while reading a book. Well, about 10-15 years ago, the bags of jelly beans started showing up as extra pounds on my body (duh!). It took me a few years to realize this, and I finally had to come to the conclusion that buying and eating jelly beans was not a good thing (you think?). But every year, the season comes back, and the temptation is there. I have to admit, that I consumed a fair share of jelly beans this year, but not as many bags as I could have. Because of that, I doubt I will reach my goal for this challenge of losing 10 lbs. I was close a couple of weeks ago. We will see what happens on the weigh-in this week. So, there you have it. Jelly Bean season is officially over (the bags were gone from the grocery store by Saturday). Until next year . . . just kidding. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Celebration and didn't eat too many jelly beans or chocolate rabbits or peeps or robin's eggs . . .
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