Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Signing / Walking / Packing / Bonus Points

What do all these have in common? I did all this today and I am giving you BONUS POINTS.

Today we signed on our new church building! It is ours for 10 years! That´s a long time, but we have such a peace. Both Joseph and I had some nerves going up to the signing. Once it was done, however, we both felt an overwhelming sense of peace throughout the day without knowing the other was feeling the same. It was a huge blessing and gift from God to know both of us at different times today received peace from God! So special!

Then we did all this walking, lifting and packing. I was going to exercise tonight, but you know when I started to think about all the work I did, I think I can count an hour of exercise. I really am off my normal exercise routines but am making sure I am getting an hour in of fast walking or something.

Now... Drum Roll----....---- 


Add 10 points for exercising 4 hours or more this week!

I may do this again next week, and  I may not. jeje I know there will be some other kinds of bonus points for those that finish out to the end of our challenge. Stick with your Springing! You can do all things through Christ!

Even though we end our Challenge next Wednesday the 27, and that will be the last day to measure and get points, I hope that you won´t end your personal fitness journey there. I hope that you will continue to challenge yourselves to be the best you can be.

Spring it hard this last week, we don´t know who really is going to win. I will look at total points, total pounds lost, total inches lost, exercise and participation.

I will let you know of the bonus points for the last week very soon.

Springing it with ya,

Dani Joy

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