Tuesday, April 19, 2011

springing on vacation

It is certainly a challenge to maintain this challenge while on vacation. I have no idea what I weigh but I do know that I am pitifully low on any additional points this week. I am definitely giving you all a chance to catch up and pass me in the points. I haven't gotten the water points even as we are out and about and I don't always have the water bottle handy or easy to refill like I do at home.
We walked all over the city of Cartagena today but I hardly even know how to count sightseeing walking like that. It never gets to a good pace but the legs are sure tired at the end of the day.

I did walk/jog over to the parking lot where I can get online via the wifi in an area cafe the other day. I would be doing this much more if my hubby were with us but since he is not here we have all been quite slothful staying up late watching Dr. Who and then sleeping in till the double digits. My early bird hubby would have us all up and enjoying the days much earlier but I guess this vacation is going to have a slightly different feel to it ... the Mom touch. :-)

The weather says we are going to have a couple of days of rain at the end of the week. Boo hiss. The sun has been out but the wind has made it too cold to spend at the beach. Maybe tomorrow will be the day we can be beach bums.

keep up the good work, everyone. I hope I have time before the end of the challenge to lose whatever i am gaining this week.
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