Saturday, April 2, 2011

two steps forward, three steps back

Friday is "family fun night" in our house. We try to do something fun as a family and spend the time together. This week it was also April Fool's Day. On other years i have tried to make something fun to "fool" the kids, like the year I made meatloaf in a cake pan and then "frosted" the cake with mashed potatoes and told the kids we were having cake for supper. This year I pulled out a recipe I have had for a while but have not had the time to try out. It was a copycat recipe for Krispy Kreme donuts. It took most of the afternoon to make but they sure were good when they were freshly made and glazed. Then my husband decided that while the family watched the new Narnia movie on dvd that we would pull out the ice cream sundae toppings and have banana splits. I jogged in place and did some boxing workout moves for 40+ minutes to work off some calories just so that my calorie counter wouldn't be in the negative numbers when I went to bed.
I wasn't sure how badly that binge day was going to affect my weight but this morning it was up a half pound over yesterday. I guess I get to work on losing that same pound I got points for last week all over again .... and not even for bonus points either. I found myself craving sugar off and on all day today. Crazy how in one day I could reverse the benefits of that nix the fix week. There are leftovers in the kitchen calling my name but I know that they won't be as good as they were yesterday and I am working hard to stay away. Guess I need to get back on track tomorrow and find a non-food plan for next week's Family Fun Night.
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