Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Week 8 report--Late!

I didn't have much change last Wednesday and forgot to post....oops!  I finally, much to the surprise of my kiddos, moved up to level 2 in Jillian....I guess I was thinking that level 1 would become easier before I should move up.  My kids keep asking, especially my 5 year old boy--hehe, "Is this STILL level one???"  So, on Monday I kicked it up to 2!  I think I am up to about 80% of what she is actually wanting me to do, but I am sweating and working hard!!  I have to do my workout without volume b/c of my kids doing their schooling on the computer and our "close" quarters, but at least I don't hear the same works OVER and OVER and Over...hehe!

Keep Springin!!
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