Monday, May 30, 2011

51 Tricks to Eat Healthy Part III

51 Tricks to Eat Healthy-  from Sport Life magazine (translated and adpated by Dani Joy)

1. Do the shopping and cook at home - (review from previous post)

2. Cinnamon instead of Sugar - 

3. Exchange Coffee for Tea-  

4. Eat Legumes 3 times a week - 

5. Cook with Algae. 

6. Cut your food into small pieces on your plate  (review from Part II)

7. Exchange Cow milk for goat - goat milk has less calories than
Cow milk, and with cheeses, goat cheese has 40% less calories. If milk products with cows milk make you feel bloated, or upset to your stomach, use low calorie easy to digest goats milk.

8. Add different vegetables to your sandwiches and salads -  Don't just uses lettuce and tomato, try rucula, romaine, or other green leafy vegetables. they add More flavor, fiber,vitamins, antioxidants and healing properties.

9.  Eat fruit when you are anxious.  - it releases an apatite hormone. It is best to eat it with the skin on for all the vitamins.

10. Have carrots on hand!

11. Eat some protein between meals -

12. Take a handful of nuts with you. They are pure natural energy. Those that eat them natural, not fried and without salt, they not only don't gain weight, they use the bathroom regularly, and have better levels of cholesterol in the blood.

13. Have A grapefruit a day - in the morning before eating, or right before bed. It is an antioxidant fruit that slows cell aging, regulates glucose, lipides and cholesterol in the blood, and it increases the defenses. ... The grapefruit favors the elimination of cell fat, and it reduces insulin levels in the blood.

14. Lentils for a long life. Those who are overweight and start eating lentils lose more weight. It seems that they have an amino acid that burns fat and they are also rich in fiber that keeps you from getting hungry.

15. Eat breakfast every day.

16.  Eat every three hours.
17. Fish every day. - include one ration of fish of some kind in one of your 5 meals.

18. Snack on a yogurt.

19. Reduce salt intake. - not only control the salt shaker on the table, take into account that most foods have an Excess of sodium. Sodium is related to the appearance of problems in most of the body's organs and systems.

20. Eat good fats to burn your extra fat. - olive oil, eggs, avocado, cured ham, lean pork, etc. Avoid foods that are rich in saturated fats like sausages, fatty meats, bacon etc.

21. Follow a diet free of Trans fats.- they are artificial fats that are the heart's worst enemy. Look good at the ingredients on food labels. Suspect any time there is a lable that says it  is free of animal fats, or it only has vegetable fats.

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