Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sarah D. Week 3 results

And the results are in for me at the end of the 3rd week of this challenge... absolutely nothing! No weight loss, no inches lost. Actually the scale is showing a couple pounds UP from last week (which is the first time since I started the last challenge that the scale has been up :-( )

BUT, we were on vacation over the weekend. We left Friday late morning and got back Tuesday mid-morning. So that was a good chunk of my week that was really hard to control my food and exercise! I did put in some good exercise on Wed thru Friday before we left, and while we were there I did some swimming exercise. No laps or anything, but tried to keep moving in the pool rather than just standing there. I tried not to go crazy with the food but it is so much harder to control what you eat when you are not at home! So I was hoping that the numbers on the scale would have at least stayed the same but we'll see what it is next week. I fully expect those couple pounds to be back off. I'm keeping up the exercise and water drinking!!!!
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