Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Needing a kick-start

I seem to be so slow getting going on this challenge. The only thing I have done consistently is weighing daily. However the numbers on the scale have bounced around from 131.8 to as high as 134.2. I am still shooting to see 129 again by the time we start furlough, but I only have 5 weeks till I leave so I am going to need to get serious here. Somehow grabbing the tupperware container that had the last of the homemade cookies I made with the kids last week and snarfing the whole thing (I didn't count but there were WAY more than I should have eaten) is probably NOT the right direction..... Argh! I have been dragging this afternoon/evening now too --- I'm having a major sugar crash now.

My allergies are still bothering me but today I did my workout outside and did OK. I've actually been doing a lot more sneezing and dealing with itchy eyes etc this afternoon and I have been inside since noon. It is just really hard to get the workout done inside where everywhere I look there is something that "needs" to be done instead. I could tell I had not been running in a while. I could not do the 30 minute run on my couch 2 5K program. I had to keep switching to a walk because I was getting out of breath. I would like to say it was the allergies but I think it is just because I have let a month go by without being active like I was doing in March/April. Soooooo, back to the drawing board. Hopefully by next week's weigh-in I can be back to my starting weight from this challenge and by June 28 I will be at 129 or 130. I would be ecstatic if I got below 129 but one thing at a time!

This week I am doing better at drinking my water and getting those points. I don't know if I will be able to keep up with the "record keeping" but i am cheering the rest of you on.

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