Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1st Weigh In

First of all, I have not done the best this last week.  I am up .8 of a pound from my beginning---remember that I said that I had not seen that weight before...well, still haven't on the weigh in days.  Also, my measurements are up over an inch!!!  So, my plan--tomorrow...I am going to really be strict for the next week.  Today is my 15th wedding anniversary, so I have dinner plans and I bought two slices of our type of wedding cake--Italian cream---for a dessert picnic.  Hence the start tomorrow!!

If it weren't for this group though, I know I would have not worked this hard at exercising daily!!  I still haven't done what some of you have in working out for over an hour, but I am happy to say--you ladies have inspired me to exercise.
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