Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ripped in 30

I just started this 30 day challenge put out by my cousin by marriage, Jennifer! ;) I am so excited to be doing it with her. OH, btw, Sharla our fellow blog sister has been doing it too, already for a few weeks now I think.
Maybe you could join us in doing this Challenge. I think it will take our workouts to another level. It is a lot like the shred only more intense. Like the No MOre Trouble Zones but moves faster and doesn´t give you time to psych yourself out. Like the Metabolism boost dvd but, better because you get strength training all at once. So there you have it, ladies. My own personal review. (but I have only done week 1 day 1 jeje)

I download it for $12.99 and have access to her 30 day Meal plan too. I can´t get a lot of these products but I am going to follow it as close as I can. I really like Jennifer´s 7 points too.

First 10 days. I will post the rest soon! 

Getting Ripped Sweatin it with ya,

Dani Joy
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