Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Going into our Last WEEK!

OH NOOOOO ! Not yet! I still gotta get 4lbs off. yikes! Sound familiar? Well, don´t dispare. We are going to be doing another challenge soon. Probably the beginning of September. Don´t take a month off though. Don´t stop.

I will be making an extra extra push this week and then keep on through the month of August. Those that want to do that with me, can keep counting points with me, even though the challenge will end next Wednesday. I just want to keep up with the exercise and it helps me to think about it everyday. Not to mention, the eating right. You all motivate me to keep on.

So how are you doing?

Share your last Sweatin off the Fat journal on Wednesday to be eligable for the prize, including ending weight or how much you lost, inches lost, exercise hours/minutes, and your favorite part about this challenge or any ideas you might have. I will be giving three 10€ Gift certificates to the one who has the most points, the one with the most weight loss, and the one who has lost the most inches.

Sweat it!

Dani Joy
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