Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sarah D update and Excel info

Hello all! I can't believe we only have 1 week left! NO way am I going to lose 20 pounds in 1 week! Well, there's always the next challenge, right?! :-)

I haven't updated my results lately... there haven't been too many dramatic changes on my part here... I have lost one pound since I last weighed and measured, which is something I can be happy about! We spent a week at conference, and I did not exercise the entire time we were there. I did do more walking than normal, though, just walking between cabins and meeting place, etc! I drank WAY more than I "needed" to for my water. I have no idea why, I just was very thirsty all the time, even without the added exercise! I am just happy I didn't gain any weight while I was there... the meals were good, but nothing extravagant (i.e. no excessive splurging or anything like that!) but the church team that comes from the States for our conference did bring a LOT of American candy! I enjoyed about 3-4 bite-size candy bars a day, which was tasty, and did not make me feel like I had over-indulged. I also enjoyed the dessert at a couple of the meals - only the ones I really thought looked tasty, instead of eating dessert at EVERY meal! So, come home and not gain any weight is good, but having to get back into the exercise routine is not easy! I've done 40 minutes each day since we've been back but need to work back up to my "usual" 60...

And a note for those of you using the Excel spreadsheet. Somehow when I set it up for this challenge I didn't format it to include the data from all the weeks. So if your spreadsheet isn't adding up correctly (and you don't know how to fix it), follow these steps:
1. Open up your "SOFII" spreadsheet and go to the "Points" tab.
2. Go to the very bottom of the "pounds" column - the cell where it is supposed to show the "12 week total". Double click on that cell. You should see it change from showing your information to showing the formula that it contains. You should also see a colored box (probably blue) around most of the cells in that "pounds" column.
3. hold your cursor over the bottom right-hand corner of that cell, until your cursor changes into a double-sided arrow that looks like this \ but with arrows at both ends. When your cursor looks like that, click on the blue box corner, and drag it down until it encloses all of the cells in the "pounds" column, except for the "totals" one at the bottom. Then press "enter" on your keyboard. That should update your "Pounds" column.
4. To update all of your columns, you can either follow the steps above for each column, OR you can do the following: Click (once) on the "totals" cell for the "pounds" column. Then go to the lower right-hand corner of that cell, until your cursor looks like a bold "plus" sign - like this +. Then click on that corner of the cell and drag (horizontally) across all of the "totals" boxes, except for the last one (the final "totals" box). This should update all of the columns.
Hopefully this makes sense for everyone! I didn't realize until I was inputting my points for last week that the totals weren't updating correctly in the spreadsheet. Sorry about that!
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