Monday, July 11, 2011

Off to family camp


We are off this morning to our annual family conference - everyone from our mission on our island (Papua - the easternmost province of Indonesia) will get together at a campground in a remote village for a week! I am not sure how much exercise I will get, but I will try to get something in somewhere! There will probably be some organized sports going on, but honestly I am not much of a sports player. The thing I would be most likely to play would be volleyball but I am not much good at it, and I know that with lots of other people playing who ARE good, the chances of me actually playing would be pretty slim. So maybe I will get a walk or two in... we'll see! The grounds are pretty muddy and not really all that suited to much walking, but I'll try to work something out!

Anyway, I at least hope to keep drinking my water, since it has become such a habit for me... although lately I have been drinking a bunch before I go to bed at night, and then end up waking several times to go to the bathroom in the night. I will have to get my water finished a lot earlier at camp because I don't want to have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night - putting on boots, trekking out to the communal bathroom... not much fun in the cold, dark night! :-)

Well, hang in there for the last few weeks! I know you can do it! And I am just hoping to eat fairly well (at least watch my portions) this week so that I don't undo all I have done for the last few weeks!

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