Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dani´s Journal 1 - CCCIII

Ok, I have increased my workouts this week. I am feeling it in my lower back already, but at least I am not gaining weight anymore! Praise the Lord!

This week, Cornelia I did arobic exercises(Jillian Michael´s dvds or if I didn´t have the computer I did it from memory) for 40 minutes everyday except for Thursay, we ran 5 kilometers as well as Saturday we ran about 4 kilometers.  Plus, we walked at different times all over the place. I only count my walking when I can get my heart rate up over 90 beats per minute and can get in a constant 20 minutes.

Yesterday, I did count my mopping and cleaning because my heart rate stayed over 100. We have to clean our whole church building on Saturdays. Lot´s of sweeping and mopping is good abdominal workout.

Hope to cut back what I am eating in the evenings inorder to actually lose weight now.

Animo, ladies,

Dani Joy
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