Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sharla's CCCIII Intro Post

Hi Ladies,

This summer was a big blessing as I was able to be at my nieces wedding in the states and visit with my family for 3 weeks. It was a whirlwind trip because I did not stop the whole time I was there.

My husband and I and my 3 children have been serving the Lord as missionaries in Spain since 1983.

I started in on Faith Fitness and Fun in the month of February of this year. Dani's program helped me get down to business with my excersise program which I had gotten lazy about for a year. I wanted to lose weight that I had gained because of not keeping active and eating whatever I wanted.

How happy I was when July came and I was able to go to my nieces wedding and I also had lost the weight I wanted and more. I got down to 58 kilos, about 130 lbs, which I had not weighed for several years. I also was happy to be able to keep that weight off during the 3 weeks that I was in the states.

I am 50 years old and now into menopause full force. This summer really started me with hot flashes etc. The heat kept me from doing a lot of excersises and the months have gone by so fast that I cannot believe we are in October. Sad to say I have gained up to 60.6 kilos and rising. I am going to have to be a lot in prayer to be able to keep my priorities in the right place. Around this time of year it is really difficult to make place for excersise because of all of the activities in the church. I am going to try my best to make excersise a priority to be able to lose what I gained and feel much better about myself and those around me.

Here are my starting up measurements for this Christmas Crunch:

Weight 60.6 kilos

Height 5.5

Wasit 23 in.

Hips 29 in

Breast 26 1\2 in.

Chest 24 in.

Thigh R 17 in.

Thigh L 17 in.

Arm R 8 in.

Arm L 8 in.

Giving glory to Christ for His strength,

Sharla G.
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