Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sarah D Week 3 journal

So, weighed myself this morning... and even after a week of no sugar I am UP a pound! So, I am back to my starting weight :-( That is no fun! BUT, I measured and I am down 4.5 inches, so that is good!

I find that it takes my body a while to show results, so hopefully the results from this "no sugar" week will show in a week or two!

I tried to "step it up" a bit with the exercise this week... I went back to the 30 day Shred after not doing it for a while. Oh my word, I was sore! But, I ran/walked the next day, and then did the Shred again today. I am going to try to mix it up with some different videos and hopefully my body will start showing some results :-)

Keep up the good work, ladies!
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