Saturday, November 12, 2011

Week 5 Update

Hi, ladies,
I don't think I have posted at all since the introductory post! Life has just been so busy - I have been doing good just to keep up with the drinking and excercising. :)

I have been pleased, however. In the last weeks we have had company several times, took a short vacation for 3 days, and also had a mini-retreat with others from our mission board. During our vacation we had supper one night at Pizza Hut and they had the all-you-can-eat buffet: a big treat for us since we only have McDonalds and Burger King where we are. In spite of all these opportunities to gain weight with some eating out, eating at others houses, and desserts and snacks on all sides I have managed not to gain any weight. So, although I have not lost yet, I consider it a big accomplishment considering our circumstances the last few weeks. I think two things have helped me though: 1) keeping up with excercising on every day that it was in any way possible, 2) learning how to splurge a little, within reason, and cutting back in other ways so that the overall intake isn't too much for my body. Like Dani always says - this is a fitness journey, and the key is keep up good habits so that we are not constantly in this big yo-yo of gaining alot and then trying to lose it over and over.

Hope you all are also continuing to do well. The weather is not so nice any more here- so excercising is mostly inside now. It is harder to stay motivated that way, but knowing you are out there trying to get more points is a good motivator. Keep up the good work!
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