Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dani's Journal week 9 end/ last week Of our Challenge

Hey, ladies! Sorry this is late.

I had a long week last week. I worked very hard to eat right, and managed to get a pound off.

We gotta keep exercising for life! Keep eating right for life! It doesn't stop this week.

Well, we have one more week of this challenge. Push it hard ladies. I will give extra points for extra work. Surprises for those who exercise, and lose this week. You have to blog about it though. you may post as much as you want this week for points as well. 1 point per post.

10 points for our last journal post by Saturday the 24th. It must include points, minutes exercised, weight and inches lost, plus any ideas for our Spring challenge.

I'll race you to the end!

Crunching hard this week!

Dani Joy
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