Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sarah W's last post

So I am a day late, but figured I would post anyway! With the holiday's it sorta threw my week off in terms of days. Ever feel that way? :)

Well this was my first challenge so I didn't quite know what to expect, but I really enjoyed it. Despite some challenges, I am very glad I participated and feel like it did give me the boost I needed to start some good habits. I plan on still continuing with the measuring on a weekly basis as that really did help me. I didn't loose on this challenge but I didn't gain either which was a huge blessing.

Here are my stats at the end.......
39 Bust (2inches lost), 36 Chest (3 inches lost), 39 Waist (1 inch lost), 47 Hips, (1/2 inch lost), R/L Thigh 25 (3 1/2 inches lost on both), R/L Arms 14 (1 inch lost on both) ....grand total of 14 inches lost all over. I am thrilled with that! :)

Exercise I got 42 points so I am not sure how many hours that is......could have done way more if sickness and hurt ankle wasn't part of that, but again I am so proud of myself that I started Jillian!

I plan on continuing on with my exercise and eating plans as I will be working with a personal trainer (who is a friend) via the internet! :) Excited to see how that pans out for the new year.

In addition, we had some big news during these ten weeks that also added to some of the challenge stress wise. Kevin and I are leaving Botswana in April and we're not quite sure where the Lord is going to take us after this. We are thinking Philippines might be an option so my husband is going to check that out in February. Going through the stress of that during this challenge actually helped me as I was not going to food during that time, but the points and exercise helped keep me accountable so that was a huge praise report for me during this challenge. Thanks Dani Joy for doing this.....can't wait to get involved in the next one!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas! Blessings!!!!
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