Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cornelia's last journal

Cornelia gave me her last journal on Friday.

She really enjoyed doing this challenge. starting at 57.6 kg, she lost 2 kg! Almost 5lbs. She didn't lose any more cm, though.

Her total points including this post are 475!

It is amazing the changes she made this challenge. Back in June, she could barely run, and after working out regularly, running and eating healthily, she has been able to run 30 min. Straight with me on several occasions. She did the ripped in 30, No More Trouble Zones and the metabolism boost DVDs as well as whatever asked of her. She no longer says "I can't" but instead asks me to exercise with her!

As far as eating, she cut out all sugars and carbs. She ate mostly yogurts with fiber cereals, fruits and Veggies, with only a few free days. She feels better then ever in her life.

She Gives God the glory for this challenge and looks forward to the next one.

Written by Dani Joy
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