Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years 2012 30 Day Fitness Challenge!

Happy New Year!

 I want to start a challenge asap. I need it and was wondering if anyone wanted to work along with me. 
Who´s with me?
This challenge is only for 30 days. It will start Wed. the 4th of January. 10$ gift certificate for one winner this time.
Points will be different. No measuring.
1 point for each catagory and you keep track on FB or on the blog. I will create a FB group when I have everyone that wants to participate.
One point per Catagory:
Exercise (one point per hour) - may be split in various workouts

One plate of Fruits and veggies a day - (only one point per day) maybe half plate of fruit and half plate of veggies basically 2 - 3 portions of fruits and veggies a day.

Posting- one journal post a day. Post your points for that day and tell what you have eaten. Maybe on FB page or on the Blog. We will add it all up at the end of the challenge by your posts. 

Water - 2 liters/ quarts of water a day.
Pounds lost - One point per pound lost
About 5 points per day
To sign up, respond to this email and let me know if  you want to be invited to the blog. There are diet tips and exercise helps there. I will also make a FB page to make this easier for those on FB. I don´t know how it will workout exactly but want to give it a try.
Let´s keep working to stay fit for God´s Glory!
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