Monday, December 19, 2011

Vicki - last week journal

Hello, ladies!

I agree with Sarah - boy has it been hard to keep up with our challenge the last few weeks! I notice that it must be the same for everyone else, because hardly anyone has been posting. :) We have been super busy with ministry responsibilities the last few weeks. Probably most of the rest of you are in the same situation. Christmas is always busy, but add to it various ministry responsibilities and there seems to be no time to even sleep and breathe!

I am happy to say though, that despite all the extra goings on in the last few weeks, in the time between Thanksgiving and now, I have not only not gained any weight, I have actually lost another pound. That only makes 2 for this challenge so far, but I am just happy to be able to enjoy a little of the holiday fun and still keep my focus. I think mostly I am learning how the balancing act works for me personally. That is so much the key - knowing how to give and take a little, so that I keep healthy habits but am still able to enjoy a few seasonl treats.

I am hoping to still maybe be down another pound before Wednesday- but we will see. I have also kept up with excercising 6 days a week, except this past Saturday, because somehow I pulled a major muscle in my upper thigh and it was too painful to do anything. Thankfully it was better today and I was able to do 40 minutes of excercise.

Push to the end ladies!
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