Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dani´s Day 2

Jan. 5 - Day 2 

How many of you are copying and pasting your points and just changing the small differences? I think it should all start to get easier after the first week. Keep working at this, ladies. Remember it takes 8 days to make a habit. 

Breakfast= 1 mandarina , 1 egg with cheese on ww bread, 
Snack = 1 sm. banana with sf PB
Lunch = Broccoli, Chicken, Alfredo on veggie pasta, 1 sf, fat free yogurt
snack = two or three bites of banana bread and a couple of bits of my homemade energy bars
Supper - 1/2 plate of salad with Tomatoes, a little bit of tuna and white cheese, small portion of veggie pasta, 1 piece of sf chocolate, a tea

I think I ate too much tonight, but I was hungry and I ate everything that was healthy. I burned probably 400 calories in exercise. the Ripped in 30 is very cardio!

1pt plate of Veggies and Fruit
1pt 1 L water
1pt exercise - Ripped in 30, and 30 min. of walking fast.
I had some sugar today. :( Licked the spatula making Banana bars and then ate some when they came out. :( Very very little.
1pt FB post

Day Total = 4 points

Total to date = 9.5 points
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