Thursday, January 5, 2012

Detox Plan.......

Many of you have asked about what I am doing with this detox for three weeks. I thought I would post it. So far this is the only one that I've done that I haven't felt horrid on, so I guess that it works with my body type. I am also able to get most everything here in Botswana so my guess is that some of you in more developed countries will have no trouble. I am not a fish eater so we're sticking to turkey and chicken.

If you hate lemon....this is not the plan for you! :) I don't mind it, but by the third day I could hardly look at my water bottle! However it is do-able.....I didn't feel light headed or anything. Low energy but that is expected. Also you don't exercise those days and the day after. I lost 9lbs, but that was not the reason I did it. Also, be near a toilet! :) If you have questions let me know! :)

Detox Diet

Step 1 - Lemonade Fast - Days 1-3

1 gallon of water
4-6 medium lemons or limes (freshly squeezed with pulp)
6-8 tablespoons of organic maple syrup (your lemonade should be an amber color - not yellow)

Drink 12 oz of mixture upon awakening at breakfast time
Drink 3-6 oz every 15 minutes. It is very important not to skip any drinks.
Drink 12 oz at lunchtime
Drink 3-6 oz every 15 minutes. It is very important not to skip any drinks.
Drink 12 oz at lunchtime
Drink 3-6 oz every 15 minutes. It is very important not to skip any drinks.
Drink 6-12 oz at bedtime

Upon awakening the next morning, repeat the cycle.

You should be drinking 1 1/2 - 2 gallons a day.

Step 2 - Clean Diet - Days 4-21

Foods to avoid:
Dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt butter), eggs, margarine, and shortening
Wheat, oats, barley, breads and pastas
Tomatoes, tomato sauces, corn and peanuts
Alcohol, caffeine
Soy products
Beef, pork, cold cuts, bacon, hotdogs, canned meat, sausage, shellfish, meat substitutess made from soy

Foods to eat:
Fresh fruits, vegetables and beans
Fish, chicken, turkey or lamb
Brown rice
Raw nuts (almonds, cashews, pecans, etc) - try to find some that aren't roasted or salted if you can
Natural peanut butter - (I'm pretty sure thats how it all is there)
Dressings: Balsamic Vinaigrette, Olive Oil, Lemon
Seasonings: Natural unprocessed herbs and seasonings such as oregano, black pepper, dill, etc.

1 serving of Turkey, Chicken or Fish
1 serving of fruit (preferably of berry type if you can)

Morning Snack
1 serving of nuts
Small serving of chicken, turkey or fish

Salad with olive oil and lemon
Salmon filet (or turkey/chicken)

Afternoon Snack
Fresh fruit
Small serving of chicken, turkey or fish

Chicken breast (or turkey/fish)
Steamed vegetables

Nighttime snack
Peanut butter with celery/broccli

The above menu is a sample. You don't have to eat the exact same thing everyday. Play with it how you want. Whats most important is you eat this type of menu in this schedule. You can also eat brown rice with beans for lunch or dinner. You can add 1/2 an avocado to you salad. Season up the chicken, turkey or fish in different ways. Just think clean, pure foods. There is no limit on veggies.
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