Monday, March 19, 2012

Introductory post-- Alice

My name is Alice Dysert and my husband and I are missionaries in Spain. We were in the States from June to January and put quite a few pounds on while we were there. I participated in the 30 day challenge when I came back and was able to bring the rising number on the scale to a halt and start the slow downward trend. I only lost 3 pounds but at least it is a start.
A couple of years ago, through the challenges on this blog, I was able to get from my highest weight of my adult life (aprox 154 lbs) to the lowest weight I had seen since college (129 lbs). I would LOVE to get back to 129 but realistically I would be very content to be under 135. I do have some nice summer clothes that I got that summer that I was 129 that I would be very happy to wear again. :-)
This first week has not gone very well for me. The schedule, our finances, and my weak self discipline has meant very few points earned. I know that I will never even come close to my goal if I don't make some changes and get serious about exercising and burning more calories than I take in on a daily basis.
You can follow my fitness journey through these intro posts from previous challenges: here, here, here (with picture) and here (with lots of pictures). My hope for this first 30 days is to see the numbers on the scale head toward 145 and stay there consistently. I have been firmly at 150 for the last week or so, with the 140's teasing me every few days with a peek at 148 or 149 before landing on 150. Since i lost 3 lbs in the last 30 day challenge without even really working that hard at it for the first couple weeks, I know that a goal of 3 to 5 lb loss is reasonable -- but only if I change my habits.
One bad habit i have is staying up too late and i am doing it again right now. So, i am going to sign off and post this and head to bed. I am finding that posting journal posts and keeping track of my points etc is easier on facebook so I don't know how often I will be on the blog. Is there a spreadsheet to keep track of points? If so, please email it to me. Thanks
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