Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Hello, my name is Anita Beiles.  I am a missionary serving with my husband in Arenas de San Pedro, Spain.  I have been a part of more than one of Dani’s Challenges but have yet to keep on to the end.  This will be one of my goals this time around.  Of course I want to and need to loose weight.  I have had two serious health issues that have affected my weight.  When I turned fifty I was on the hospital with multiple sclerosis and when I turned fifty-five I was in the hospital with bladder cancer.  I will admit I was prepared for something major when I hit sixty, but my main health issue for now is dealing with my weight. God has blessed me with a very exceptional husband.  He has been my champion through my health issues.  He will be behind me during this Spring challenge.  I will be praying for each of us to do ‘all to the glory of God.’    
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