Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SOFIII New Point System first 30 days

Sweatin Off the Fat  


1 point - 40 min. exercise - divided into minimum of 10 min. sessions. 
1 point - 1 hour exercise (total) IF you reach an hour of exercise you get this bonus. 
Must be moderate to high intensity exercise not just slow walking nor light 
1 point - Journal (may be done everyday. Even If you don´t journal every day your daily points still count)
1 point - Two Liters of water ( not half points)
1 point - Healthy Eating Plan -(HEP) - must get in a plate of veggies and fruit, must cut out white refined sugar and flour. This is all together in this point.
MAX 5 points a day only (except for weight and volume loss which are 5 points per pound and 5 points per inch/2cm no half points)

Changing the Point System! I don´t like it. Sorry!

HEP - Healthy Eating Plan +10 pts. If you do it all!!!
- 2 pt every serving of white flour food
- 3 pt every small portion of sugar food
- 5 no fruits and veggies. sooo you are able to get some points every day for HEalthy eating. without blowing all your points.
Let´s try this starting Saturday June 16th.

Exercise - 1 pt for the first 40 min. (maybe divided into min of 10 min sessions.)
1 pt for every 20 min. consecutive mins after that. No max! but it must be higher cardio.

Any objections?

Please let me know of any changes you think should be made. 

Please keep track of your own points but put your totals on each jounal entry. 

Thank you Ladies, Remember God is our Strength.
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