Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Let´s Begin our Fourth Christmas Crunch!!! CCCIV POINT SYSTEM


1 pt. - 40 minutes vigorous exercise - 10 min. increments 
1 pt - 20 minutes more exercise ( 1 hour total) 
1 pt - 2 liters of water drank in the day (includes tea - sugar free of course )
2 pt - HEP - Healthy Eating Plan - set at the beginning. Should not change. One free day allowed for point as well. 

Bonus - 
1 pt - per journal post - must include points and daily total - may include encouragement, diet and fitness                  tips,  humor. or video  ---5 total per week  
5 pt - per pound lost or half kilo
2 pt - per inch lost or 2 cm 

First thing Wednesday morning, we should weigh in, and measure. If you have questions about measuring go to the Measure Link on this blog.  

Let´s Get Crunching!! 

Glorify God in your body,

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