Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dani Joy´s CCCIV Journal 1

Hey, there ladies! How was your first day? I didn´t post my HEP yet. I have been thinking about it all day but, posting during the day is almost impossible for me now. So here I am again at 1 am posting. 

Really quickly...

My goals to lose 10 lbs. I have gained slowly back over the last year and keep on getting into better shape. 

My Weight - 132lbs oh I had lost this once. 
Measurements - bust 33 in, 
waist - 31 
Chest - 29.5 
Hips w some butt - 38in 
r. thigh - 23 in 
L. thigh - 23, 
R arm - 11 
L arm - 11in 

Dani´s HEP

NO Refined Sugar - not even bite. 
No White Flour carbs - (unless there isn´t any other option then only 1/4 cup size)
1 cup size Whole Wheat carbs only. no seconds. 
Water! of course. 

Trying to keep it simple. 

Today´s points 

 Exercise - 2 pts   - fast fast walking to the mall and then to our ministry building. 20 min. and My version of No More Trouble zones. I have it memorized now. don´t need Jillian anymore! jejej

HEP - 2pts  I ate - 

Yogurt with protien, 10 almonds and coffee
more almonds for a snack with a couple sf ww choc. cookies
ww pasta with veggies, and chicken for lunch then
1 1/2 homemade granola bars with nuts, fruit and very little brown sugar. 
coffee w milk
salad with tomatoes, two chicken nuggets and a 1/8 cup potatoes, one sf, ff, yogurt and a SF chocolate square. I was hungry after doing No MORE TRouble Zones weight lifting for 40 min. 

Water - 1 pt I think I drank almost 3 liters today. 

Post - 1 pt 

Daily Total  - 6pts

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