Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dani Joy´s first Exercise Tip - Video

MY favorite dvd as of late -  Jillian Michaels 6 Week Six- Pack Abs

I did it yesterday and today, but only half. Today, I did some extra marching with weights and bicept and shoulder work. Tomorrow I will do it with my workout group that meets Tuesdays and Thursday! we are growing! I love it! It has been so motivating. I am praying they will keep on and also want to do our challenge. Also praying to be an encouragement to them too.

This type of workout isn´t for everyone and of course I do not advocate Jillian Michaels in all she does. Please, take care before doing this video if you have not done any heavy cardio before. Start out with Leslie Sansones Walk This Way. This is what I did before I started Jillian´s workouts or when my back was hurting.

Remember whatever we do to do it consistently and with all our hearts! ;)

Springing It,
Dani Joy
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