Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sharon Livingston Introduction Post

My name is Sharon Livingston, and I was in Dani and Joseph's youth group at their home church back in El Paso right after they graduated from college. I had the privilege of getting to be there through their first pregnancy and meet Isaiah. We then moved, but I always enjoy getting to see the whole Contreras crew when they are back in the states and down our way!

I currently live in Huntsville, Alabama where I stay home with my three boys. Over the past six years I have either been pregnant or nursing so it is hard to get an accurate view of where my weight has been. As I am entering into the next phase of my life, I would like to start out from a healthy point. I have always managed to lose the weight part post pregnancy, but I have never really exercised so I really just end up still being "soft" all over. I am hoping this challenge will help me not only lose the last of the baby weight, but also get into a good exercise habit that I am able to continue post challenge. Since I can tend to be competitive, I think the challenge will be a good motivating factor for me. I am currently weighing in at 131, and I would like to get back down to 120 by the end of the challenge. Being fairly short, this is a good weight for me!

My fitness plan while it is still nasty outside is to use the fitness game I got for our xbox kinect . With my boys schedules I will probably have to do this after they go to bed. As I generally just want to collapse at this point, I am really praying to be able to stay faithful with this part of the challenge. As the weather gets better, I hope to take advantage of the many greenways we have around my area and get out with the boys. 

My HEP is to follow weight watchers guidelines. I have done this in the past and it works really well for me. I consider it a healthy eating plan verses a diet because it really is all about learning how to appropriately portion and cut back on fatty foods. Since it does not exclude any food groups, I find it easy to continue as I learn what proper portions are for me to maintain the weight I would like. I am also using them since I am still currently nursing. They have a plan for nursing moms that will allow me to lose weight without risking a drop in my milk supply. I am excited to use them this time because I have found an app for tracking my points on my ipod instead of having to use the old fashioned paper and pencil way!

I am excited to get to know everyone through the course of the challenge. This is my first time ever to post on a blog so that is exciting too :) I plan to post a better before picture and my measurements in my next journal entry.

My husband, our three boys and I this past Christmas

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