Saturday, February 9, 2013

Getting Exercise Inspite of It All

Ok... so we can´t go outside, it´s raining, snowing, hailing, whatever  you can imagine, but you don´t have to miss your exercise points! You can march in place watching your favorite show. You can even do some sit-ups. Don´t forget to stretch the last 5 minutes and bingo--- you have 1 point! 

Even if you are under the weather yourself, you can Walk this Way with Leslie Sansone or just move for 20 minutes doing something. It truly is amazing how little you can do in 20 minutes. 

Then, challenge yourself! Once you have the 20 minutes down pat, go for 40! You can do it! It doesn´t have to be a sweating, hurting workout to burn some extra calories, but the more you eat the more you need to burn. Remember balance is key. 

Ladies, so often I can´t even get changed into my workout clothes, I feel so cold and tired, but I think of you all, and go for it. My boys watched some of the Rocky movie the other night and I had the IPAD playing Jillian´s 30 day shred on mute. It worked as quite a motivational workout. 

Inspite of it all, we can take a few minutes to move and burn some fat. I remember this fact, so often, when I get up late in the morning, thinking I don´t have time to read my devotions or pray. My day is always worse when I don´t make time in the morning to read and pray! These are all disciplines that we make sure we incorporate, inspite of it all. 

Springing and Praying with you all,
Dani Joy

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