Monday, February 4, 2013

My Healthy Breakfast Casserole

I'd like to share the recipe to a breakfast casserole I made this past Saturday. I had people over for breakfast and wanted to make something I could eat too. I looked for recipes, but did not like them entirely. So I made my own. I had some left over baked potatoes, so I sliced them and put them at the bottom (instead of the bread most of them asked for. Then I used a yoghurt dip I had made out of plain yoghurt and onion spices (that was in place of the milk or cream). I used a packaged of boiled bacon I buy at Lidl (Canadian bacon).  I added 8 beaten eggs (with salt and pepper) and mixed it all up. I topped it with grated cheese (four cheese and mozzarella), and then I remembered I had some mushrooms, so I sliced them thinly over top. It looked really good.

It was very good. It did taste "healthy". I guess regular bacon would have given it a more "fatty" taste, or maybe adding butter. But I enjoyed it very much. It would be good to eat for lunch or dinner as well.
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