Monday, February 4, 2013

Get that water intake up!

Here's my first tip post for this week:

Create a plan and follow through!  I know it is always difficult for me to drink enough water because frankly, I don't think about drinking anything for hours at a time.  But when I am doing one of these challenges I am more aware of my water consumption and that helps me remember to drink water.  often, however, I don't think about it until later in the day and then I am pushing to get it all in before bed.  The times that I have been successful in getting the whole 2 liters in is when I have some kind of concrete way to remind myself to drink and a way to track if I have had enough yet.  One challenge I put 4 magnets on the fridge and moved them from one side to the other every time I drank a 1/2 liter glass of water.  This time I was out shopping at the grocery store and needed to buy my daughter some bottled water to bring to school.  I saw a large bottle of water (1.5 liter) which was designed to be easy to hold even though it was a super large capacity.  I picked it up and carry it around with me taking sips throughout the day.  That  combined with the couple of glasses of water that I drink with meals easily gets me to the 2 liter goal each day.  What is your plan to help you get that water intake where it needs to be?
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