Saturday, March 2, 2013

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Kandie Sutton our Spring-in 2 Shape IV first place winner!

(pictured here with her two sons)

She came in first place in the first 30 days with 121 points and she probably had more. I say that because she found herself craving more and more exercise. She is an inspiration to me. When we saw each other in December 2010 she was exercising, but hadn´t lost volume nor pounds yet. To see her in this picture, I barely recognized her. She has made incredible changes.

Exercise is key! It increases the metabolism, and gives energy. God created us to work, but today's society we don't do any physical labor really. Now we must run,walk, bike, slide on the elliptical or whatever it takes! This is what Kandie is doing. She is moving and winning!

Congratulations, Kandie. We will all follow your example this challenge.

Dani Joy
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