Monday, September 16, 2013

Body Fat Alert!

I was given a free nutrition consultation by a friend's referral this past week.  The lady on the phone told me that they would measure me and tell me how healthy I was. 

"Help! They are going to tell me how much fat I still have!" was my first thought, "but at least, I should have a lot of muscle. After all, I have been working out for five years." 

It only took me a minute to realize that this could be a motivational tool. I could use this information to get even healthier. We all want to be better right?

So I accepted and stood on that "all - knowing" scale. 

The great reveal.....

I have 28% body fat.

Now, I have heard that athletes can get down to as little as 9% body fat, ( a shout out to my cousin Kandie who just reached this goal), but just normal healthy body fat is 21- 27%. This means I have to lose 4. 8 kilograms in order to lose 800grams of fat. That's 10 pounds! 

These ten pounds have been eluding me or should I say sticking to me for this past year. My goal for our Christmas Crunch Challenge is to reach my peak health. 

How about you? Do you wonder how to calculate your body fat percentage? Do you know how many calories you should be eating a day? Do you know how much protein you need to eat to gain muscle? 

I will be addressing all these questions in our Start-up members only update on our facebook page. If you need that extra push, as I did, and you don´t want to pay all kinds of money for a clinic or program, you should try our 12 week Christmas Crunch Challenge. Check it out HERE. Then you can sign up on the side bar to participate in the prizes or comment here to follow along with out competing. You will still receive all the member information and encouragement.

I realize that competition is not for everyone. I just am wired that way. I love competition. I love counting points, but if you are not crazy about competition, you can still participate. Please, comment and  let me know you are in. I will invite you to our Facebook group. If you don´t do facebook, that´s ok too. You can participate here on our blog by commenting or linking to your own blog. The idea is to encourage each other on our fitness journey. If the competition is a burden then it is defeating its purpose.

I will be piggy backing with another challenge! It´s called Living and Active! It starts today at Only for 5 weeks but, it gives us even more encouragement. I love the emphasis on the whole body. We need to have the right balance. I believe that if we are not spiritually strong we can not possibly be physically strong. I will be exercising 40 minutes a day ( only 25 minutes is required for this challenge, but I am getting ready for our Crunch) and memorizing verses from the Bible! 

If you are joining with this challenge this week, you can also participate in our Faith Fitness and Fun facebook group. It´s a great way to stay accountable! 

Let´s Crunch it together! 

Dani Joy

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