Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Getting to the Root of the Matter (Part 2)

Last week I shared with you that my husband and I decided to go to the root of the matter with weight loss, look at our bodies as a whole, and take an all-natural route to get healthy.  I shared with you that we dealt with 4 main things:

1. control blood sugar 
2. detox 
3. treat candida yeast 
4. boost metabolism.  

I told you that I would share what we are using to accomplish these 4 things.

BEWARE, this is lengthy!

Now, here is where I get honest.  We are using a product for all of these things.  GASP! Don't leave me here! Hang on! 

Yes, Dani knows.  I would NOT be sharing these products had she not asked.  I actually feel very awkward promoting them here. 

You may be thinking: "You said you took the all-natural route."  We are! 

 Through someone in our church, the Lord led us to an all-natural health company that focuses on these things with weight loss. We were very skeptical at first.  We thought, as you may be, this is just another one of those "get skinny quick" products.  

I watched others that I personally knew using the products. I waited.  I asked questions.  I researched the ingredients. (Yes, I typed every one of them into the google search bar to see what it was.  I mean ascorbic acid--what is that? Vitamin C--Oh!)  It seemed to good to be true.  This company truly was offering an all-natural product that is good for me and my temple for The Lord. It seemed too easy to do the things that I wanted to do for my body with products from this company and not a recipe book, cabinet, counter, and fridge full of interesting things for me to do and take. I saw others in my life losing weight and changing their lifestyle.  That is what we wanted. That is what peaked my interest. We took the plunge and began taking the products. 

The company is called Plexus Worldwide.  

1. We began taking Plexus Slim for controlling our blood sugars.  Slim was originally created for type 2 diabetics.  Then the company realized how great leveling blood sugars was for weight loss. Plexus slim is a little powder drink packet that you mix into a body of water and drink once a day.  It is very similar to a Crystal Lite mix. It is made from cherry and pomegranate and tastes very good. Slim keeps blood sugar, cholesterol, and lipids at healthy levels.  Once this happens in your body naturally, you have increased your will power over food.  I noticed cravings had decreased, and I was not binge eating.  All because I had controlled blood sugar levels. (I will admit. I felt like I was cheating in the last challenge. ) A great thing about this product is that many diabetics are able to lower insulin levels, and some have been able to completely get off of their medications as well as lose weight.  I share this with every diabetic I know.  I think that is amazing!

What are the ingredients? 

Here is a video made by the creator about the product, its ingredients, and how it works.

You do NOT have to take this product to level blood sugars.  There are other ways. This just made it so easy for us. 

2.  We began taking all-natural Plexus Bio Cleanse for detoxification. Many of us have burdened our bodies with toxic waste and sluggish metabolisms. We can get toxins from anything from the foods we eat to the clothes we wear.  Having an excess of toxic waste causes us to be tired, achy, and bloated.  With toxins in our body we have low energy levels and a weakened immune systems.   By getting rid of toxins in the body we not only feel better, but we also allow our bodies to release fat that it is keeping for protection from toxins, and we increase our metabolisms.

Okay, let's get real here.  We all need to have healthy bowel movements everyday.  Many of us do not.  I explain it like a car wash.  A car wash has 3 cars go in and 3 cars go out.  We have 3 meals go in and 3 meals should come out.  Did you know that you could be holding up to 4 lbs in your body of just waste? GROSS!! I know! I did not have 3 cars coming out.  A healthy individual has at least 2 cars leaving.  Anything less than that, you need to detox.  

Again, you do NOT have to take this product to detox.  There are many ways.  This just made it so easy for us, and it doesn't taste DISGUSTING like so many other detoxing things do (Yes, I've tried them! They make me gag!) and I don't have to watch black and green stuff pour out of my feet into water (Yes, I've done those foot detox baths.  Weird stuff!) . 

Once I started detoxing, I was AMAZED at my energy level and how good I felt!

3.  We began taking Plexus ProBio 5 for our candida yeast problem.  Pro Bio 5 also detoxes (AWESOME!! Double duty being pulled here!).  Pro Bio 5 features 5 extra strength probiotics.

If you don't know what candida yeast is I wrote more about it last week and linked an article and showed you how to test for it.  Whether you have it or not, we ALL need to be taking a probiotic and putting good bacteria back into our guts.  If you do have a candida yeast problem, you need to start combatting it with extra probiotic right away.  You have an extra battle with your weight loss if you have candida yeast. Candida yeast causes you to crave sugar and yeast.  It's yeast; it wants to grow! 

Taking a probiotic can also help with anxiety, lethargy, allergies, acne, and dry/flaky skin

Again, you do NOT have to take this probiotic.  There are many out there.  Just get a good one.  We like this one because it also detoxes.  

4. We began boosting our metabolism by taking Plexus Accelerator.  Accelerator is made from green tea, red tea, and dark chocolate.  It is all-natural caffeine. Boosting metabolism increases energy.

Again, you do NOT have to take this product to boost metabolism.  There are many other ways. This just made it so easy for us. 

I must also fully disclose that I did begin selling these products.  Why not? I loved them; my husband loved them; they worked for us; we wanted to buy them cheaper.  I felt like we had this great thing that we had to share with our friends and family.  I regularly get emails and messages from my dear friends with diabetes thanking me for telling them about it.  

I will NOT be pushing these products during our crunch challenge.  I just wanted you all to know what I am doing.  Like I already said I felt like I was cheating in the last challenge.  The products were making weight loss so easy for me and my husband.  You do not have to try these products to experience the same thing.  They do make it easy, but tackling your weight loss with the same 4 areas will help.  We found what helps us.  You have to find what helps you.

However, our lifestyles completely changed as well.  I give The Lord full credit for leading us to these.  Taking control of our bodies with these all-natural products caused us to want to do better for ourselves.  We eat better.  The help of this product caused us to not diet but to get a healthy eating plan.  This product helped us to make better choices, because we were controlling blood sugars.

We naturally choose the strawberry over the pie, because we actually don't want the pie.  It makes it easier for me to drink only water, because I don't crave the Dr. Pepper anymore. We are exercising daily, because thanks to the detoxification, we actually have the energy to exercise.

No, I am not constantly popping pills.  I drink one slim drink and take two accelerator pills 20-30 minutes after breakfast each day. [Actually that should be past tense, because I don't take the accelerator pills anymore.  I'm not really wanting to boost my weight loss or metabolism anymore.  I am just working to maintain.  I do still take the slim because of the other health benefits.  For me that is my kidneys.  I have not had a clear kidney test for most of my life.  I had a recent check-up and my kidneys were clear as a bell.  I haven't had a test like that since I was a young child.]

I also take 2 probio5 and 2biocleanse each night.

Remember this is not a diet pill--get skinny quick fad.  It is an all-natural health supplement.  We tried those fad diets and get skinny quick pills before.  They did not work.  Sure, we lost some weight, but not much and they definitely didn't change our lifestyle and the weight came back.

I am also drinking more than half of my body weight in ounces daily, eating very smart, and running several miles several days a week.  I am working for my results.  I am crunching it with you!

If you do have any questions or would like to check out the products.  Please, visit my site   I also talk about the products and my weight loss journey on my FB page Rachel's Plexus Products.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 

Thanks for letting me share these amazing products with you.

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