Monday, October 14, 2013

Consistency Not Perfection!

This is our goal. 


We may have a bad day, that´s normal. We may have a bad week. Especially as women, we almost have an entirely bad week. Last week was a tough week for almost all of us on the Christmas Crunch Challenge.

I love the verse in Proverbs that says a righteous man gets back up! We must rally around each other and keep getting back up. We can´t undo all the hard work we have done. 

Some may think that they have messed up too much to get back on that "wagon". Believe me, you want to get back on now rather than later! If you wait any longer, it will get harder. 

Just keep plugging away to your goal. We will have less and less mess - up days. I know, I feel a bit heavy today. I feel a bit lathargic, but if we don´t get back at it, we will feel worse tomorrow. 

Let´s commit to consistency. Let´s commit together to get out and exercise at least 20 minutes. We can do it! Let´s commit to not putting anything in our mouths that would compromise that consistency. 

How are you working towards your consistent fitness journey for life? 

Next week, on October 22, we begin the second phase. All points start over and anyone who wants to join in may do so now. It´s a low $5.00 sign- up fee on the side bar to join. There is an extra prize every month, as well. Come and join the Crunch! 

Dani Joy

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