Sunday, November 23, 2014

Crunch It, Ladies!

 I debated starting another fitness challenge. It has been a tough transition moving from Spain to Florida these past six months, but we are settled now. Still unsure of the future, but we are confident God will work out the details.

Either way, we always need some motivation to get in shape and be healthy. This is a discipline that must be for life.

So as I find myself still with those 10-15 lbs I gained after my vein surgery last December, I fear the holiday poundage. How about you? Do you fear gaining weight this holiday season?

What can we do about it?

I challenge you to 30 days of Crunching! Yes, my Christmas Crunch Challenge returns for a 6th season, starting Monday.

Nov 24 - Dec 23. 

This CCCVI will be intensive. Here is the break down:
1.we need to exercise 6 days a week, only one free day, any way you can get movement in: walking, heavy cleaning, stairs, whatever works for you.

2. Follow your HEP (healthy eating plan, no cheating) 1 free day, and

3. drink 2 liters of water daily.

For a total 5 pts a day
30 minutes=1pt or 60 minutes =2pts
HEP = 2pts
Water = 1pt

We will have check-in once a week on Sunday to post your points and progress. This is just for fun, friendly competition and motivation. I will chose a winner based on points, weight loss and inches lost.

We have links here on this blog to know how to measure, for HEP tips, and fitness motivation. Also, click here to download your points spread sheet. 

We need to encourage each other on our fb page. Share tips and ideas. This has always been a great help. If you are not a member and would like to participate, just comment here or on the fb page.

I am so excited for this challenge! I am so in need of accountability.

I am so excited, that I am giving away one Plexus product of choice. Everyone who checks in once every week will be entered to win!

Are you challenged yet? Are you in? Let's let the holidays give us joy and not poundage! Let's take control. Let's be disciplined for God's glory.

Let's Crunch it!

Dani Joy

To learn more about Plexus click on my business card. It's an all natural health and wellness company.
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