Tuesday, April 21, 2015

See the Difference!

 There are four main products that have given our boys the power they need for their workouts. Ike and Drew (my two older sons) have been taking Advocare Spark, Catalyst, Muscle Gain, and Post Workout Protein for a little over 2 months. They are seeing and feeling the difference.  

They do double workouts each week and need the extra sustenance. For Football, they were told they needed to gain 20 lbs each. It has been hard to find anything that works for them. They have been burning off everything we put into them. Until Advocare. They both have gained muscle and at least 10 lbs so far in just a short 2 1/2 months. 

Ike age 16
February - April 2015

Drew age 15
February - April 2015

So, we will continue to use Advocare! Especially now that they are heading into their Spring football practices. 

It is also a business opportunity for our family and we would love for you to take the time to look at our website. There is something there for all your health needs.
www.advocare.com/150172715 and our Facebook page

 Danielle and Joseph Contreras


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