Thursday, November 5, 2015

Success = ?

We are just finishing up week one of our Christmas Crunch Challenge. It is easy to start something, but keeping with it is where the success begins. We need many components to reach success, but I believe the greatest is found in 1 Samuel 18:14 in the Bible.
 In everything he did he had great success, because the Lord was with him.
Ask God for strength to get out each day to walk at least 20 minutes, or press play on that exercise video. Ask God to give you strength to say no to that sugary treat staring you in the face. Oh, friend, I have to depend on God for my strength in this area because, I crave things that can't satisfy. I pray that I can look to God to satisfy my cravings.

Playing tennis is a great way for me to enjoy working out.  I love it! Have you found a way to execise that moves you that you look foeward too? What is your go-to exercise? Keep looking, keep reaching for your success. 

If you are just joining us for this amazing challenge, please comment and let us know. Also, go here to print our points spread sheet.

If you are checking in for your first week, please intoduce yourself and share your progress. 

Crunching it,
Dani Joy 

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