Friday, September 9, 2016

Don't say the "D" word!

Well, anyone who knows me knows I love to talk about being healthy, active and fit! They also know I hate the "D" word... DIET!!! I refuse to say I am on a diet. I believe strongly that we should be eating healthy for life and on a healthy fitness journey for life. It needs to be more than a fad. It needs to stick. 

I found Advocare! Or Advocare found me. 
It is not a diet! It is not a fad! 

It is real! It is something that can kickoff your weight loss or fitness journey, and help you stay on that path for life! These products not only helped me flatten my tummy, they also helped eliminate my frequent migraines while I took them.

Thus, why I am writing today!
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I want/need to start another challenge by October 1
This is the goal. If you join, get 2-3 others to join. We can have an amazing team! I will be posting on my facebook group page with details and updates also with tips and workout ideas. 

The 24 Day Challenge consists of a 10 day cleanse. Real gentle but effective. Then you enter the 14 day max phase that puts all the nutrients in your body that we lack in our foods, along with all the energy you need to get going on those awesome workouts you want to get to. You also get a free app that will coach you through every step of the way. 
results from my first 24 day challenge
I did my most recent challenge over Christmas time! Yes! You heard me right. It isn't conventional, but I felt so great on our vacation in California. I didn't gain weight over Christmas, instead I had the energy to run more and I toned up! 

Maybe you're concerned about joining and not being able to keep it up. You can do these challenges anytime, buy product at any time. There is no obligation. 

You can join Advocare as a prefered costomer for $19.95 or a distributor member for only $59 a year and then every product is 20% off after that with the possibility of up to 40% off! Click HERE to join my team! 

Comment here or email me at I would love to help in anyway I can.

~Dani Joy

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