Thursday, April 12, 2018

Yikes I forgot Week 3!

Well, I didn't quite forget to measure, but with last week being our spring break, I let the measuring slide. We need to measure this week, though. Tomorrow, Friday, is our day to measure for week four and post your point results.

Holy Jim Trail in Corona, CA
The workouts didn't stop though during my spring break. We struggled through a long run on the beach, enjoyed a lovely 3 mile hike in the mountains, and worked out at the gym a bit. I know it's tough to workout and eat healthy on a vacation, but hopefully we all kept our goals in mind.

As we finish out our first month on our Spring in-2 Shape challenge, what are some changes you have experienced? How are you feeling? Share with us how your HEP is affecting you. What exercise accomplishments have you seen?

I am starting to reap the benefits of the added exercise. Not only is my fit bit hitting the 12,000 step mark, I set, more often, I am also seeing more of an increase in calorie burn. I am able to run longer and  am getting a little faster. It's a slow climb back, but I feel it coming.

I am reaching out to you for motivation too.

Let's encourage one another to good works. (hard workouts and good HEP!) :)

Springing with ya,


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